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Emarse Skin is a purposeful brand with a cosmeceutical line of skincare products carefully developed by an aesthetician and cosmetic scientist, Ebhohimhen Martha. Our intention is promote overall skin wellness and health among people of colour.

“We create multifunctional formulas which aim to maintain skin health, repair and correct skin irregularities and concerns.”

All our products are formulated by a skilful team of Cosmetic scientists. They are formulated with potent/active ingredients, high performance ingredients, plant based ingredients that are cruelty free. Not only are these ingredients safe, they are also formulated in the right proportion and with good manufacturing practices to ensure product stability.

Our brand will never identify with creating products containing harmful, toxic ingredients as we do not only have a brand image to protect, we also want to ensure the safety of our clients.

Our Mission

To promote overall skin health amongst people of all social classes and gender.

Our Goals

  1.  To help our clients tackle their skin issues such as acne, sensitized skin, impaired barrier, hyperpigmentation etc., offering them sustainable solutions and helping them attain healthy skin goals.
  2. To end the narrative of bleaching the skin to look beautiful and help people love whatever skin they’re in.
  3. To make our clinically effective, quality and budget friendly products accessible to all our clients globally.
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